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  • 24.02.2023

Patron Vodka – reflecting on a year since the Ukraine conflict began.

24 February 2023 will mark a year without peace for the people of Ukraine. It's a sobering thought for most of us, who take the gift of peace for granted every day. For the people of Ukraine, this one year of conflict must feel like a lifetime. As we hope for peace to come soon, there are those who are fighting and supporting the Ukraine war effort every day.

It’s in times like these that heroes emerge – individuals who, despite the odds, continue to fight for peace and work tirelessly to make a difference. One such hero is ‘Patron’, a Jack Russell Terrier who has inspired millions with his bravery and dedication.

Patron has been instrumental in locating unexploded land mines and ordnance,  a dangerous and life-threatening task that has helped to save countless lives. In recognition of his efforts, Patron was awarded a medal by Ukrainian President Zelenskyy – a symbol of gratitude and admiration for all that he has done

Show your support for Patron’s work

To celebrate his heroic efforts, Sunshine and Sons has released a limited edition of 5,000 numbered volcanic rock-filtered Vodka bottles – Patron Vodka. The funds raised from sales will be used to purchase metal detectors that will be sent to Ukraine to aid in humanitarian demining.


Like the artwork?

The stunning artwork for the Patron bottle was commissioned from Yuri Krasnoshchok (@yurskiy.exe), who generously donated his time and talent to the project. Nathan Burraston, the mastermind behind this initiative, has already raised over $110,000 to support Patron’s mission.

The war in Ukraine has been devastating for its citizens. But the bravery and selflessness of those fighting and supporting the war effort remains inspiring. Patron is just one example of the many heroes who have risked their lives to keep their country safe.

As we raise a glass to Patron and the heroic efforts of many, let’s not forget the people of Ukraine and their fight for peace.


Kherson Liberation Gin

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