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Four Sons of The Coast


Sunshine & Sons is everything you love about our little part of the world and everything we love about great spirits. Pot-distilled in the hinterland rainforest, our spirits evoke all the promise and the memory — the allure and the warmth of Queensland’s beautiful subtropical coast. The best thing is someone else has done all the hard work — just let The Coast Spirit shine.

As well as being passionate about producing beautiful Spirits, we focus on preserving the beautiful environment in which we have the privilege to live and work in. Absolutely no harm to our people and our planet.


The Distillery

Our home and Distillery is located in lush Sunshine Coast hinterland rainforest, neighbouring and just a short drive from Queensland’s iconic and much loved Big Pineapple. It is here that we create and share our Sunshine & Sons range of spirts.

Maria and Sarah, our imposing and elegant 6,000 and 2,500 litre Tasmanian artisan pot stills were commissioned in January 2020 to Head Distiller, Adam Chapman‘s proprietary design and specifications. Hand-made in Tasmania from the finest German copper, they‘ve been meticulously designed to create stunning and complex flavour profiles – an integral element of our vision to let The Coast Spirit shine.


It’s both tradition and good luck to name stills in much the same way naming ships started over a thousand years ago, when sailors named vessels after gods, goddesses or saints hoping to bring good fortune to their travels.

Sarah, our beautiful 2,500 litre spirit still, is named in homage to the beautiful wife of James Costar and mother of their four children.

With no expense spared skilled Tasmanian artisans have lovingly handcrafted Sarah from Australian copper ore milled to a standard of purity only possible in Germany.

Commissioned on Australia Day of 2020 Head Distiller Adam Chapman’s proprietary design and specifications are an integral element of our vision and determination to let The Coast Spirit shine.


Maria, our imposing and elegant 6,000 litre wash still is a sight to see as you enter our Distillery Door.

Amongst the very largest pot stills on mainland Australia her dimensions and scale are seemingly at odds with the exquisite and delicate nature of the low wines she produces.

A state of the art steam heat exchanger ensures sustainable energy efficient heating of the fermented wash as our vision of distilling spirits to equal the world’s best takes shape, with a consequent noise and hum that is hypnotic.

Named in honour of Maria Amour, the mother of James Costar, after many months of shaping and construction Maria travelled by ship across Bass Strait in December 2019. A fitting link to the pre-eminent mode of transport during Maria’s lifetime.






Best of Queensland Experience

Our distillery has been identified as a 2023 Best of Queensland Experience!

The Best of Queensland Experiences Program recognises businesses that deliver exceptional transformational experiences, bring the Queensland story to life and consistently deliver an exceptional customer experience.



From coastline to farmland, the Sunshine Coast’s unique geographic location within a UNESCO Biosphere corridor creates a recipe for success.

Queensland’s Sunshine Pantry stars certified organic farms, bucket list experiences, and local food and drink that’s been inspired by the best that our region has to offer. Read about our feature or watch the video below.









Embark on a captivating odyssey through the Queensland Distillery Trail Map

Sunshine & Sons has proudly joined the prestigious Queensland Distillery Trail, a collaborative venture led by the Queensland Distillers’ Association Inc. and its esteemed members.

Embark on a captivating journey of flavour, craftsmanship, and culture with our trail offering more than just distilleries – it’s an immersive experience into the world of spirits. Join us and 24 other remarkable distilleries on this incredible trail!  View the Trail Map »


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* Excludes selected product lines - Noosa Festival of Surfing, Kherson Liberation Gin, Patron’s Peace Vodka, The Generals Gin, Greenslander Gin & Woodfordia Dry Gin