Ted’s Gin

Ted’s Gin!

Yep, we've done it again - another limited edition label for a major Australian Political Party.

Many ask why? We’re proud to stand up and say we disagree with all the nasty and partisan. The tribal. The exclusive. The for or against. The black and white. The right and wrong.

We’re proud to work with the incredibly passionate and committed Ted O'Brien, Federal Member for Fairfax on this project, as we have worked and will continue to work on similar limited-edition projects with other incredibly passionate and committed people for a large and growing number of not-for-profits, commercial entities and other political parties.

All on commercial terms supporting the employment of our amazing and growing team and the very significant giving that our brand is renowned for on the Sunshine Coast.

Every customer, just like every visitor to our rainforest Distillery Door, receives the same love and care - without a moment of hesitation from our team. Why shouldn’t they? They are all trying to do their very best. To make our world a better place. Not always sharing the same view. Not always agreeing. But sharing the same hopes of making a difference and shaping a better future.

We just love that. We treat everyone equally. And exactly how we would want to be treated. It’s not really a choice to do that, it’s who we are.

From our local Federal Member and all round nice guy:

"I’m a proud Australian.
We live in the greatest nation on earth and we must protect our way of life for generations to come.
I’m also a proud Sunshine Coast local who is happy to support local businesses like Sunshine & Sons. "

Ted O’Brien MP

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