Pineapple Parfait Gin

A contemporary tropical fruit salad gin packed with flavour that tastes like a holiday.

Opened with much fanfare and many wide-eyed guests on the 15th August 1971, our iconic Big Pineapple is testament to the magic of big dreams and a bit of fibreglass.

What a sight it was, (and still is) to see!
This delicious sub-tropical fruit salad gin celebrates that day and the Sunshine Coast’s most loved tourist attraction.

Pineapple, passionfruit, strawberry, mango, vanilla and coconut combine to make a surprising, delightful and evocative gin.

You might even get a little nostalgic and misty-eyed about those glorious pineapple parfait desserts that made visiting The Big Pineapple the BEST. DAY. EVER.

VOL | 700ml
ABV | 38%

Style | Contemporary Gin
Visual | Clear and crystal
Aroma | Fresh tropical fruit, coconut, vanilla
Palate | Silky, aromatic, bursting with fruit

Gluten Free

$80.00 GST



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