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  • 02.08.2023

Supporting Ukraine’s Path to Recovery

Thanks to the unwavering support of our valued customers, weve been able to assist with an important fundraising campaign to provide Ukraine with vital demining equipment. Together, were proud to have contributed to the raising of 150,000 AUD, which has been used to procure a substantial number of metal detectors. 

Image showing the three fund-raising bottles released by Sunshine and Sons in support of Ukraine.

Promoting peace and friendship between people and cultures

At Sunshine & Sons, we’re all about community, friendship, support and togetherness; we embrace the diverse array of viewpoints our healthy and vibrant democracy affords us. Recent events in Ukraine have underscored the importance of defending the principles of democracy. In line with our commitment to promoting peace and friendship between peoples and cultures, we’ve been dedicating a significant portion of our bottle sale proceeds to the purchase of essential humanitarian demining equipment – aiding Ukraine’s efforts to restore their precious sovereign land. 

From inspiration to action

When the invasion begun, Nathan Burraston joined his Ukrainian colleague Boris to protest; as his commitment deepened, and he became aware of the devastating toll landmines were inflicting on Ukrainians, he felt compelled to do something to help. And so, Nathan approached us with a brilliant proposal: to create a range of products aimed at raising funds for humanitarian demining equipment in Ukraine. Since then, we’ve created three fund-raising bottles: Kherson Liberation Gin, Patron’s Peace Vodka and, most recently, General’s Friendship Gin. 

An image showing a bottle of Kherson Liberation Gin.



Made with our Pineapple Parfait Gin, Kherson Liberation Gin has been released to celebrate the liberation of the Ukranian city of Kherson.

The incredible and uplifting ‘Jumpman’ artwork of a Ukrainian soldier reaching for a watermelon was generously licensed by Kherson artist Yuri Krasnoshchok (Instagram @yurskiy.exe).

The label was proudly designed by Konstantin Des via fiverr.com from Odesa whose workplace suffered a hit from a Russian missile on the 10th of May.


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An image showing a bottle of Patron's Peace Vodka.

Patron’s Peace vodka


Made with our volcanic-filtered Vodka, and in recognition of Patrona Jack Russel Terrier – a who, for his heroic efforts locating unexploded land mines, received a medal from Ukrainian President Zelenskyy. 

The incredible and uplifting ‘Patron’ artwork from Yuri Krasnoshchok (Instagram @yurskiy.exe) was commissioned for this project.

Please raise your glass to Patron and the heroic efforts of many.


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Launch of General’s Friendship Gin 

Released in alignment with the International Day of Friendship, General’s Friendship Gin uses our award-winning Original Dry Gin and celebrates friendship between peoples, countries, cultures and individuals. The Ukrainian Ambassador to Australia, Vasyl Myroshnychenko, visited the Sunshine & Sons distillery on 28 July 2023 to mark the release of our latest fund-raising bottle.

Speaking at the launch of General’s Friendship Gin, Ambassador Myroshnychenko said “we are the most mined country in the world; we need all the support we can get to clear the land … we’ll probably need a generation, even longer – we don’t know how long it’s going to take. What we need – we need equipment, mine-clearing equipment.” He acknowledged the assistance Ukraine has already received and added that “it’s quite impressive to look at a small business help an activist in Canberra raise over 150,000 dollars for that (demining) equipment. We really appreciate it”.

“it’s quite impressive to look at a small business help an activist in Canberra raise over 150,000 dollars for that (demining) equipment. We really appreciate it” - Vasyl Myroshnychenko, Ukranian Ambassador to Australia

Also speaking at the launch, Sunshine & Sons Chief Imagineer Matt Hobson said “Sunshine & Sons is a small business located on the Sunshine Coast – but we think big, and we think we can act with our hearts … it’s our pleasure to launch General’s Friendship Gin … raising money for the direct purchase of demining equipment – metal detectors. 

“We’re very pleased that our customers – our very, very generous customers, as Vasyl already mentioned, have raised over 150,000 Australian dollars to purchase demining equipment. We’re very pleased to have done that to date and we look forward to further success with the release of General’s Friendship Gin. 


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Image showing the Ukranian ambassador holding a bottle of General's Friendship Gin by Sunshine & Sons. He is joined by Matt Hobson, Andrew Wallace and Ted O'Brien.

All three bottles are available to purchase individually or as part of a bundle (with bonus stamp set and set of glasses). 


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