• Thoughts
  • 18.11.2022

Another limited edition label for a major Australian Political Party.

Let’s talk about the elephant in the room – Sunshine & Sons have made limited-edition Gin for some political parties. Unsurprisingly… it can, does and will get political.

Many of you asked, ‘Why would you?’. In some cases, people asked ‘How could you?’. And ‘Who do you support?’. And they’re fair questions. So, before we answered, we sat down, Gin in hand, and thought about it – deeply and sincerely.

Here’s where we landed

The Coast Spirit is about listening, working together, friendship, caring, warmth and sunshine. And sometimes agreeing to disagree. But always kindly, always respectfully and always with compassion.

We wish the world had more of The Coast Spirit. And, for our part, we’re committed to working hard every day to make it so.

We’re proud to stand up and say we don’t agree with all the nasty and the partisan. The tribal. The exclusive. The for or against. The black and white.

We’re proud to work with the incredibly passionate and committed people at the Queensland Greens on this fundraising project. 

Just as we have worked and will continue to work on similar limited-edition projects with incredibly passionate and committed people for a large and growing number of not-for-profits, commercial entities and yes, other political parties. 

All on commercial terms supporting the employment of our amazing and growing team and allowing us to continue to support more community-minded endeavours, which our brand has become renowned for across the Sunshine Coast.

This isn’t a vote or an endorsement from us. It’s not our money after all. It’s yours. When you buy a bottle we get paid exactly what the bottle is worth and the balance less postage and merchant fees makes its way to the Queensland Greens. We don’t think it could be fairer than that.

If a Greens logo appearing next to ours doesn’t make you smile the good news is it’s more than likely a different logo with a different colour on a future limited-edition Gin will.

We’d love to make that happen.

Have a drink with us

Every customer, just like every visitor to our Rainforest Distillery Door, receives the same love and care – without a moment of hesitation from our team. Why shouldn’t they?

We are all trying to do our very best. In our way, we are all trying to make our world a better place, a friendlier place.

We’re not always going to share the same view because we won’t always agree. But sharing the same hopes of making a difference and shaping a better future is pretty damn unifying and we’ll drink to that.

Drop by for a drink. We’ll have a conversation. You’re welcome anytime the doors are open, it will be polite and respectful because everyone deserves that.

There’s also a pretty good chance we’ll share a laugh and you’ll leave as our friends. And if that happens, we’ll love that.

Join us in the Sunshine to get $10 off your first sip.*



* Excludes selected product lines - Noosa Festival of Surfing, Kherson Liberation Gin, Patron’s Peace Vodka, The Generals Gin, Greenslander Gin & Woodfordia Dry Gin