Soaring through the seven skies, we are Australian party pirates LAGERSTEIN.


Together with Sunshine & Sons we dropped into every port and visited every tavern searching for the perfect spirits. We’ve returned to anchorage with exactly what we were looking for! Red King Gin, Shark Bait Vodka, and Tall Tales Rum.

Gather your hardy crew, let the waves be your guide & let the adventures begin!

Over the last 10 years, 5 overseas tours, and 4 albums, we’ve shared our unique blend of catchy melodies and piracy with the world, gaining a reputation for delivering explosively energetic and debaucherous live performances.

Embracing the ideals of piracy, unforgettable melodies and festive fun has created the instantly recognisable sonic party experience that Lagerstein is renowned for. Join our crew of party pirates as we sail on a grand voyage to rock stages around the world, and above all else, bring smiles and joy to every single person we meet!



LagerStein Shark Bait Vodka


LagerStein Tall Tales Rum


LagerStein Red King Gin


Join us in the Sunshine to get $10 off your first sip.*



* Excludes selected product lines - Noosa Festival of Surfing, Kherson Liberation Gin, Patron’s Peace Vodka, The Generals Gin, Greenslander Gin & Woodfordia Dry Gin