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Original Dry Gin, Pineapple Parfait Gin & Original Vodka

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Its 4pm somewhere

4pm Gin

A classic dry gin with Australian native quandong or wild peach, orange and lemon peel giving this gin a unique edge.
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Image showing the three Ukraine fund-raising bottles from Sunshine and Sons - Kherson, Patron's and General's.


What is it, exactly, about the Sunshine Coast?

Those hills. That surf.

How do they just seem able to make you forget all the dramas that brought you here in the first place?

If only you could bottle it…

Sunshine: Distilled

Sunshine & Sons is everything you love about our part of the world and everything we love about great spirits. Pot-distilled in the hinterland rainforest with a carefully curated mix of local and traditional botanicals, our spirits evoke the memory, allure and the warmth of Queensland’s beautiful subtropical coast – let The Coast Spirit shine!

Leave It All Behind

The Sunshine Coast has long been a place to leave behind your cares — from ancient indigenous gatherings and feasts, through to today’s artisans, surfers, weekenders, festival-goers, backpackers, day-trippers and people who just kind of get it. If you in the neighbourhood stop past our Distillery Door for a visit. Say g’day and sip some Sunshine!

Take me to the Coast!



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* Excludes selected product lines - Noosa Festival of Surfing, Kherson Liberation Gin, Patron’s Peace Vodka, The Generals Gin, Greenslander Gin & Woodfordia Dry Gin