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4pm Australian Dry Gin

Pot distilled in the Sunshine Coast hinterland rainforest.

A classic dry gin with Australian native quandong or wild peach, orange and lemon peel that is unmistakably Australian and perfect at 4pm, or whenever gin o’clock is.

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We love to push the boundaries of distilling and experiment with diverse ingredients and flavour infusions. That’s why we decided to make an Australian inspired gin, using distinctively Australian ingredients like quandong.



Quandong – or “native peach” – is a highly prized Australian fruit used for millennia by traditional custodians of the land as an important food source and medicine. There are three varieties: blue quandong, bitter quandong, and the desert quandong – which is the sweetest (although still not very sweet) of the three and the one we use to make 4pm Gin.


What does it taste like?

Hard to describe and even harder to compare to other fruits. Its flavour varies depending on factors including ripeness and preparation. The white flesh can be quite sour with a tart aftertaste when eaten fresh, while the skin has a slight bitterness. Other descriptions include sour and even slightly salty.


About the Gin

Style: Dry Gin

ABV: 37%

Vol: 700ml

Visual: Clear and crystal

Aroma: Lifted juniper notes with hints of pine, lemon and orange peel fused with orris root, a touch of earthiness and notes of quandong.

Palate: Dry lemon/lime and orange with juniper notes and a touch of pepper.

Serving suggestion: This gin was made for a classic and oh, so refreshing G&T!

4pm Gin is naturally gluten free & vegan.

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