Australia's FIRST Organic Certified Molasses Rum


Strictly Limited to 476 Bottles


Unlike many other rums that are sweetened, coloured and in some cases flavoured, Nil Desperandum ‘FIRST’, Australia’s first certified organic molasses rum, contains only organic molasses, Woombye water, yeast and nothing else. The flavour is perfectly complimented through ageing in sherry-soaked oak barrels.


Nil Desperandum 'FIRST' is a full sensory experience. Boasting rich molasses undertones, while merging moody streams of mocha, chocolate and vanilla. Candied pineapple and banana share their sweet disposition as soft notes of raisins, dates and figs transpire in every sip


Sugar cane has been grown on the Sunshine Coast for well over 150 years. It’s well and truly time Australia had a rum the equal and envy of the world’s best.


700ml. 45% Alc/Vol

Nil Desperandum 'FIRST'