A heroic collaboration and combination of wild fermented and double distilled certified organic molasses with Segafredo Zanetti cold-brewed coffee and twice-roasted Nutworks macadamias. Expertly balanced to show off each ingredient (just the way our hero intended).


Distinctive sweet molasses, bold and generous espresso and the rich roasted deliciousness of our world-famous indigenous nut – grown and harvested just down the road.



In a shaker add ice, 30ml of Mr Barista, 30ml of Sunshine & Sons Original Vodka, 30ml of espresso coffee and sweetness or vanilla to taste.

We love 15ml of vanilla syrup (Queen vanilla extract, water and sugar).

Shake it like you mean it and strain into a martini glass. Garnish with coffee beans. 


700 ML 33% ABV

Mr Barista

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